Empathy Empowerment

FINS believes the NEED to have empathy. When we lose empathy, we lose our humanity

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 Our Mission

Empathy, kindness, Compassion, and Caring. Breakthrough to the next level by embracing humanity with empathetic communication, is key to attaining patient and client engagement, patient safety, adherence to care plans, and health outcomes. ​ 5 Core Values of Fi Nursing Services ✅  Energy ✅  Empathy ✅  Efficiency ✅  Endurance ✅  Empowering ​ Our clients will not settle for average service. And neither do we. Fi Nursing Services believe in being Extraordinary. We speak and expressed ourselves from our hearts.
We give our 100%

 Our Vision

To build a better long-lasting relationship, improve patients’ and clients’ rating experience, create a healing environment and implement truly patient-centered care.

4 Easy Steps

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Your care process starts with a phone call to us


Our care coordinator will speak to you and make a home visit to understand and find out more on patient’s condition and type of care that may be required, offering possible suggestions upon assessment


Personalised care plan will be crafted to fit and managed specially for each and every patient best to their needs


FiNS Nurse will be assigned to render proper nursing care base on patient’s care plan, with proper documentation and communication between care coordinator and family

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