A step-by-step guide to the procedure for inserting an indwelling urinary catheter into a female patient

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  1. Gather equipment.
  2. Explain the procedure to the patient
  3. Assist patient into a supine position with legs spread and feet together
  4. Open catheterization kit and catheter
  5. Prepare a sterile field, apply sterile gloves
  6. Check balloon for patency.
  7. Generously coat the distal portion (2-5 cm) of the catheter with lubricant
  8. Apply sterile drape

If female, separate labia using a non-dominant hand. If male, hold the penis with the non-dominant hand. Maintain hand position until preparing to inflate the balloon.

Using the dominant hand to handle forceps, cleanse peri-urethral mucosa with a cleansing solution. Cleanse anterior to posterior, inner to outer, one swipe per swab, discard swab away from the sterile field.

Pick up catheter with the gloved (and still sterile) dominant hand. Hold the end of the catheter loosely coiled in the palm of the dominant hand.

In the male, lift the penis to a position perpendicular to the patient’s body and apply light upward traction (with non-dominant hand)

Identify the urinary meatus and gently insert until 1 to 2 inches beyond where urine is noted

Inflate the balloon, using the correct amount of sterile liquid (usually 10 cc but check actual balloon size)

Gently pull the catheter until the inflation balloon is snug against the bladder neck

Connect the catheter to the drainage system

Secure catheter to abdomen or thigh, without tension on the tubing

Place the drainage bag below the level of the bladder

Evaluate catheter function and amount, color, odor, and quality of urine

Remove gloves, dispose of equipment appropriately, wash hands

Document size of a catheter inserted, amount of water in the balloon, patient’s response to procedure, and assessment of urine